Taking charge of your internet security can change your life

In a world where your online data is worth a lot of money, your internet security needs to be a major priority. 

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Most people have heard about this useful invention called “VPN,” but if questioned won’t know what it is. So before we talk about how Nord VPN can make your life better, let’s see what VPN is.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, an apt name for this service offered by so many various providers. What a VPN does is turn every internet connection into a private encrypted connection. An encrypted connection means high levels of privacy for any online activity. It’s a small wonder why VPNs have become a popular consumer product in our era of so little online privacy.

An encrypted connection means high levels of privacy for any online activity.

How it's done

A VPN makes your connection secure by masking your IP address. It creates a data tunnel between your local network and an exit somewhere else. That somewhere else could be anywhere, and this tunnel makes it seem as though you’re in a different location.
A VPN makes your data unreadable, thus, impossible to steal or share. Your information is valuable to so many elements. It’s not just your surfing history, which gives advertisers hints about what ads you should be seeing. It’s also hackers seeking credit card and financial details, or conversation details.

Why use a VPN service?

There are plenty of excellent reasons for using a VPN service such as Nord VPN. Here is our top 5:

1. Protect your location

Through your IP address, both law authorities and malevolent elements can locate you. By using a VPN service, you can stop broadcasting your location to the world.

2.  Get access to desirable content.

Ever try to watch TV online only to see a message saying the content you are interested in is not available in your area? With a VPN service, those days are over. A quality VPN service can place you in any area in the world, subsequently unlocking any area-based content for your perusal. 

3. Speak privately

Is big brother listening? In some countries, there’s an overt consensus that big brother is indeed listening. In others, it’s a theory that may turn out to be true. Putting theories aside, the truth we all already know is that big brother CAN listen in, and so can anyone else. A VPN service prevents any eavesdropping. 

4. Financial security

Send me your credit card details! What, no? OK, I’ll get them myself by hacking your data. Oops, I can’t, because you’re using a VPN service! Damn you, Nord VPN, you’ve foiled my thieving attempts once again!  

5. Lower costs

There’s something not many people know. When you order products online on an international website (airline tickets, clothes, housewares, etc.), your location determines your price point. By not having a location – or having a different location – you can get significantly lower rates. You don’t have to believe us. Look it up; it’s a real thing.  

Choosing the right VPN service for you might seem tricky, but it’s a fairly simple process.

Jerry and Martin

I want to tell you about Jerry and Martin. Jerry and Martin were co-workers. Jerry would often use his phone at work and use the office WiFi network. He was the one who gave Martin the office WiFi password.
One day, Jerry was trying to pay his water bill from his phone at work, when he couldn’t. He discovered his bank account had been depleted.
In shock, he called the bank, only to discover someone had changed his password. So he went to the bank physically – something he hadn’t done in years, as he conducted all his affairs online or over the phone.
After the conversation at the bank, he started to piece the puzzle together: he had suffered identity theft through his work IP.
After about a month from hell, Jerry managed to start getting his life back – at a tremendous financial loss. Meanwhile, Martin – who used the same WiFi network – didn’t suffer from any hacking or theft. Martin was using Nord VPN. All Martin “lost” that month was around $3. His peace of mind and secure surfing is worth it.

Now, we’ve covered what a VPN service is and why it’s essential. So let’s talk about why you should choose Nord VPN when there are so many others available, some of them completely free of charge.
Here are our favorite features that make Nord VPN superior to other VPN services (and there are many more besides):

1. Connection speed

If you’ve ever tried a VPN service before – and particularly if you’ve tried a free one – you’ve probably experienced a very frustrating result. One of the things many VPN services do is take up some of your bandwidth, slowing your surfing speed – sometimes to a crawl. What’s the point of getting a VPN at all if surfing is made impossible with all the buffering?
Nord VPN doesn’t slow your surfing or take up any of your bandwidth.

What’s the point of getting a VPN at all if surfing is made impossible with all the buffering?

2. No saved data

Some VPN services collect data on their users, which they can subsequently sell to third party organizations. Nord VPN is strict “no saved data” – all your data is yours; nothing is logged, tracked, or saved.  

3. Multiple locations

Pretty much all VPN services have a range of locations where you can place yourself. Nord VPN has 5500 servers in 59 countries around the world. That means there will always be a fast server ready for you anywhere you need to be. 

4. VPN everywhere

Nord VPN works on any type of device and any operating system. Every single subscription protects six devices at the same time. So you are never without protection, and you only need one account. 

5. Support 24/7

It is as it sounds: support round the clock. Most VPN services provide support via email. You send them an email and get your reply after 24-48 hours. Nord VPN is at your service 24/7, and good service is invaluable.

Your takeaway

So there you have it: a lesson on internet security, privacy, and the best service to provide it. We hope this helped you reach the best decision for your surfing needs.

Get Nord VPN today!

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