Father of two makes Forex history

A 43-year-old father of two boys made investment history last night.

Sam, a 43-year-old father of two boys, made investment history last night.
Sam has been dabbling in forex since his youngest son Joey was born in 2012. The way Sam describes it, he “started to feel bleak about the financial future of the family.”
His wife, who had been working full-time as a teacher until Joey was born, had to cut down on her hours soon after Joey arrived, as her parents were getting to be too old to help out, and Sam’s parents had already passed.
At the time, Sam was working in admin and planning on starting a game store one day, as he’s a gaming enthusiast. As he “watched his dreams getting farther away,” he signed up with a broker he trusted and started learning how to trade with their online trading academy. According to Sam, “Their instructor is a great teacher, maybe the best in the biz.”
He gave himself some time to practice with a demo account, but eventually, he realized “it’s now or never.”

After about a year, his wife joined in as she was spending most of her days at home and could take care of the boys while she watched her trading account.
Over these eight years, Sam managed to come pretty close to his goal of having enough to open the game store of his dreams. He was only a couple of months away. But when the Coronavirus hit the market, Sam thought this was the end of it. He and his wife have to stop trading for who-knows-how-long. Sam’s wife had stopped working entirely with the closing of schools in his town. Sam’s salary was cut as he was working from home and doing fewer hours. Sam and his wife, Emily, had to start using their savings just to live.
But then it occurred to Sam that forex is the way to supplement his insufficient income by continuing to trade. He realized the market continues to rise and fall – just as it’s always done. It’s all a matter of choosing the right asset. While most assets are going down – making them excellent candidates for portfolio diversification, some assets are going up—for example – pharmaceutical companies.

Sam took advantage of the extreme market movements. He invested in pharmaceutical companies while everyone was leaving the market in Coronavirus dread. Then he trebled his savings in 2 days by selling those pharmaceutical shares when they jumped up.
Sam can afford to open a beautiful game store now, and his oldest son can’t wait to join him at work. Sam says he’s waiting for things to calm down before he goes out to rent his space, but he’s already scouting for great locations and making an inventory list. Sam’s also still trading, hoping “lightning strikes twice,” as he says.
Good luck, Sam!