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Initial cost
Compared to other brokers 89%
the system
User-friendliness level 96%
Ddiversity and utility 100%
Variety and availability 87%
customer service
Knowledge and helpfulness 93%
additional features
Added value for traders 97%

Founded in 2015, EverFX set its base of operations in Cypress and began providing brokerage services to most parts of the world. According to a company representative, regulation prevents EverFX from entering certain markets, such as the US and Canada. They do hope to enter more markets as the company grows, as soon as regulation allows.  

It did not take this young brand much time to start winning service awards and going into a very close partnership with Sevilla FC, who won the Europa Cup 2020. 

Having followed this brand for a while, we can easily say that it is one of the more dynamic brands currently active. Constantly coming up with new ways to improve and expand their services. 

EverFX recently launched a gift shop designed to reward its loyal clients. They reward their investors with points based on the invested sum. These points are giftshop currency and can be traded for various desirable gifts, such as new models of mobile phones and smartwatches, commodities, gadgets, and more. The more one invests, the more points they earn. This innovation is one of our favorite new features, as it acts as a great incentive to invest, as well as a little retail therapy. 

The other feature we appreciate is the education center. A user can easily access the education center from their dashboard and learn all about trading for free. The education center has dozens of video tutorials suitable for all levels of traders, though it does seem to cater more to the inexperienced and the beginners. 

The EverFX website is very convenient, with a clean, sleek design. It provides all the information one needs before they sign up, including their license numbers and regulation information, the cost of joining, and the various services provided. It also provides users a web-based platform, which means they can trade online without downloading or installing anything on their own device. That said, they also have the popular MT4 platform, a mobile platform, and more. 

The entire system is very user-friendly. The only downside is the initial cost is a little higher than average – by about $50, but we think the additional features are worth significantly more than that.

We would highly recommend this platform to anyone interested in trading, and especially to beginners. This broker is perfect for anyone who needs training or needs to gain experience. 

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